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The GRAESER UNTERNEHMENSVERMITTLUNG was founded in 1980 by Josef Graeser and it is owned since 1999 by Dipl. Ing. Wolfgang Rebholz. The company works independent from banks and other companies.

Our customer database is constantly growing thanks to our successful activities in the past 35 years. These activities include: mediation of companies, of company shares and of strategic alliances as well as mediation of regional and international commercial real-estate. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland we are well known to entrepreneurs, founders of a new business, investors and to business people who are interested in buying real-estates. Internationally we are looking for buyers for companies and real-estates but we also offer firms and commercial properties abroad. For foreign companies and investors we are a well trusted partner for the realization of acquisitions in the German market.

Our professional team approaches every new project individually and with confidentiality towards both, our clients and the people, which are interested in negotiations.

Based on our long-time experience, established through many different mediation cases and numerous contacts as well as with the help of big databases, we search potential buyers and sellers for your project. One reason for our success is our method of presenting our clients offers individually and immediately to the most promising consignees.

Our strength is the professional assessment of our clients company or commercial property. The benefit for our costumers is the greater chance of success and often a more convincing value representation.

Our head office is located in the historical town of Bacharach at the Rhine River, not far from Mainz and Frankfurt. Here we would gladly invite you to a first contact meeting, to discuss your opportunities or we can meet you in your company or real estate.

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